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The Ashram Children

Online screening and Q&A the with director 

Jonathan Ofek

The schedule

⇒ November 30- December 7, watch the film The Ashram Children on your home device. A link will be provided to all who register.

⇒ Sunday, December 3 at 02:00 P.M US Eastern Time, tune into the program with our director Jonathan Ofek. A link will be provided to all who register.

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No admission. Pay as you wish.

December 3


ילדי האשראם2.jpg


 67 Min / 2019 / Israel / Hebrew, English

For 20 years, Jonathan, the filmmaker grew up in Jerusalem and in an Ashram in India, which he had to keep secret. In the Ashram he was taught to dedicate his life to the Guru, to always think of him. That way, Jonathan could finally reach his goal in life, awaken from the illusion, realize the “truth”, and become enlightened.
20 years (and a lot of therapy) later, the director sets on a journey to understand the secret he was forced to keep about India throughout his entire life, the effect it has on him even now, to find out what happened to the other Ashram children, and to learn if one can ever stop believing in the Guru and finally understand: had he been raised in a cult?


Director: Jonathan Ofek

Producer: Jonathan Ofek, Itamar Luria

Production Company: Dare To Ripple

Cinematographer: Oron Cohen

Editor: Neta Dvorkis, Shiri Borchard

Original Soundtrack: Alon Ohana

Supporter(s): The New Fund for Cinema and Television, Hot8, Mifal Hapayis, CoPro

Script: Jonathan Ofek

Distributor: Jonathan ofek

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