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Welcome to Docu-TV, your premier platform for online events! Immerse yourself in the world of award-winning Israeli documentary films, right from the comfort of your living room. Engage in insightful conversations with the filmmakers themselves as we bring the magic of cinema to your doorstep.

Docu-TV is more than just a platform; it's a dedicated force in Israel, championing the cause of showcasing Israeli documentary films on a global scale. Our mission is simple yet profound: bridge the gap between filmmakers and audiences, making high-quality films easily accessible. In doing so, we aim to not only expose viewers to the beauty of the genre but also stimulate minds with the diverse array of topics and issues explored in these films.

We firmly believe in the educational and transformative power of documentary cinema. It has the ability to unite communities, foster important conversations, and broaden perspectives. Through a dynamic online presence and regular film screenings at institutions, associations, and schools, we strive to support the artistic endeavors of our filmmakers. Docu-TV is a sustainability-driven venture, founded by creators for creators, with a core mission to offer filmmakers an additional and enduring source of income.

As the largest online venture in Israel today, Docu-TV has been making waves since its establishment in June 2020. With over 300 online events featuring the best Israeli docu-films, accompanied by enlightening conversations with creators, we've garnered over 1,000,000 film views. Our program is predominantly free and open to the public, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be a part of this cinematic journey.

Join us at Docu-TV, where passion meets purpose, and cinematic excellence knows no bounds.

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