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November 21

EVENT: Screening and discussion of "Grossman" Online screening and Q&A the with director 

Adi Arbel

At the audience's request, the film and the conversation with the creator continue to be available for viewing.

The creator, Adi Arbel, chose to transfer her income from the screening to support the survivors of the Kibutz Beeri Massacre.

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No admission. Pay as you wish.

Proceeds from the event go to the survivors of the Kibutz Beeri Massacre.



54 Min / Hebrew, English / Israel / 2021

From 1948 onward, the Israeli military censorship examined soldiers’ letters under the guise of preventing the disclosure of military secrets. But unknown to soldiers was a secret apparatus which copied their letters and stored them. The purpose was to analyze the views of ordinary soldiers, and the findings were presented to high-ranking officials in a top secret report titled “The Soldier’s Opinion."


This report opens a window into the most intimate thoughts of soldiers on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, morality and brutality in war, and Ashkenazi-Mizrahi relations. The film sketches the alternative history of Israel that the report offers, and reveals what actions those who read it chose to take. 

The schedule

⇒ October 26- November 2, watch the film Grossman on your home device. A link will be provided to all who register.

⇒ Sunday, October 29 at 4:00 p.m. US Eastern Time, tune into the program with our director Adi Arbel.  A link will be provided to all who register.

Filmmaker Adi Arbel

is head of documentary and co-executive for drama programming at Endemol-Shine Israel. She has been a senior content editor, director and artistic advisor for documentary and feature projects since 1998. Arbel has served as artistic advisor and lecturer in all the film and television funds in Israel as well as the artistic director for Channel 8 - Israel's leading documentary TV channel - for over a decade. Arbel's last series won at the Israeli Film Academy Awards and was shown in numerous international festivals.


Festivals & Awards:

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    Adi Arbel


    Adi Arbel


    Arik Bernstein, David Silber

  • CAST

    David Grossman


    Ofer Inov


    Ron Goldman, Maya Klar


    Jasmin Even

Be'eri massacre

In the early hours of Saturday, October 7, 2023, our beautiful Kibbutz was attacked by dozens of Hamas terrorists who infiltrated the Kibbutz, murdered and kidnapped dozens of community members, burned houses and turned it into rubble.

The friendly and welcoming Beeri community was left shocked, horrified and mourning. The loss is unbearable to carry, and now we are facing an impossible mission – to rebuild and restore the flourishing Kibbutz that was our home. 

Your donation will allow us – the Kibbutz members who are left – to rebuild the community, rehabilitate our lives and continue to spread the light of Be'eri. 

Thank you for your support and humanity.

The Be'eri community

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